Data Protection

Do you want cloud backup services and recovery but not the headache and expense of having to manage it? Backup and security or an online backup and disaster recovery solution you can count on? Offsite replication that works with your on-premises data backup and recovery system? The Cirrus5 Cloud Backup and Recovery service is all you need.

Automatically back up desktop, laptop, and server data from across your organisation to our ironclad cloud, and access it as needed – safely, efficiently, and easily, directly through the Internet, without additional capital or IT expenses.

We’ll take care of everything when the serious heat is on. With our High Availability solution we will even bring a virtual standby server with your latest server image backup to your premises so you are up and running with your valuable data in a matter of hours, whilst your failed device is removed and repaired – that’s how good the service is!


Hosted systems

Hosted services are outsourced IT systems and functions. The hosted service provider owns and oversees infrastructure, software and administrative tasks and makes the system available to clients, usually over the Internet. As these services are generally made available over the Internet, they often cross over with cloud services and are essentially the same.

We provide a wide range of hosted services, including hosted telephone and VOIP services, MS Exchange, MS Office 365 and email and web hosting services.


Web Services

We provide a full range of website services including:


Data Security

We provide managed hybrid backup and disaster recovery solutions.


Office 365

We install and manage Office 365 for our customers.


“Armco have been a great help to our business with a large project we recently undertook and in providing a fast, friendly and personal service on a day to day basis.”

Cate Tate-Smith, Finance Director, Tate Smith Limited, drinks wholesaler