We offer an extensive range of high quality data connectivity services to meet the increasing demand of clients for reliable, scalable and flexible communications. Our solutions can be tailored to the size of your business and number of sites.

We provide wide area network services such as Broadband, Ethernet and IP VPNs as well as local area network services, such as data network installations. We can help you at every stage, from ordering the right package for your company to managing your system.

If you are having problems with connectivity, contact us and we will be able to help.


Our broadband portfolio enables us to meet the need of clients for fast and reliable connectivity.



Does your business demand its own super-fast, un-contended connectivity to the internet? Do you need secure Point to Point connections between your offices? Our Ethernet Connectivity service provides your business with your own, dedicated connection to the internet. Ethernet Lines are superior to ADSL as they are un-contended and work on a 1:1 contention ratio, meaning that the line is used exclusively for your traffic. Symmetric, upload speed is as fast as download speed. This means that you can run web-intense applications at high speeds. Our Ethernet circuits can be bundled to include pseudowire and IPVPN services and offer a flexible range of customisation, including segmenting, bursting, flexing and point-to-point features. Your business can grow into the services as it needs them, paying for only what you use.



Does your business need to safely send and receive data to remote computers and servers, in other offices or to home workers? Do you need an expert provider to take over the management of the network to provide a secure and stable solution? Armco is dedicated to providing a full end-to-end MPLS VPN management solution, harnessing a range of Cisco MPLS VPN firewalls and routers to provide robust VPN connectivity, regardless of connection type or speed. We can add our Managed MPLS VPN services to your existing ADSL, Ethernet, Sharedband or Leased Line connections. We will provide all the necessary MPLS VPN equipment pre-configured and ready for you to add into your network. 


Data Networks

Cloud Computing. Big Data. Mobility. BYOD. Internet of Things. 

The nature of work is changing. Collaborative environments, a mobile workforce, and the possibility of smarter spaces. Harness new technology – ultra-fast Wi-Fi, the Internet of Things (IoT), and mobile UC... today’s networks have to be smarter and more flexible than ever to support these challenges and Armco prides itself on providing quality tailor-made network solutions that satisfy these challenges. 


“Rachel McLane Ltd has worked with Armco IT for several years now and they have helped with our growing business and subsequent IT requirements. They have always been able to assist with any IT issues, large or small, and have offered impartial advice when discussing changes to the way in which we work as a business. They offer a friendly and non-intimidating service and are always at the end of the phone when needed.” 

Rachel McLane, owner, Rachel McLane Ltd – design consultancy (Mac-based)