Ethernet Cable

Does your business demand its own super-fast, uncontended connectivity to the internet? Do you need secure point-to-point connections between your offices? 

Ethernet lines are superior to ADSL as they are uncontended and work on a 1:1 contention ratio, meaning that the line is used exclusively for your traffic. This means that our Ethernet Connectivity service will enable your business to have its own, dedicated connection to the internet. As the symmetric, upload speed is as fast as the download speed, you will also be able to run web-intense applications at high speeds. 

Our Ethernet circuits can be bundled to include pseudowire and IPVPN services and offer a flexible range of customisation, including segmenting, bursting, flexing and point-to-point features. 

Your business can grow into the services as it needs them, only paying for what you use.