Your business faces threats on many fronts, and the more users, devices, and applications you add, the more vulnerable your network becomes. At Armco IT, we prepare our clients for disaster and protect them from the increasing dangers - from ransomware to software vulnerabilities, user error to cyber-attack - ensuring their business continuity. Using our range of Cirrus5 Cloud or on-premise data protection solutions, and by implementing the correct cybersecurity training within the workplace we can help create a solid foundation for a unified security system. We're here to help.


Armco IT not only help our clients protect their data from online threats, but can also limit the amount of damage if you are unfortunate enough to have already downloaded a virus. Contact Armco IT and let us help.



Cirrus5 is comprehensive data protection system offered by Armco IT that optimises backup and recovery processes, helping reduce the risk of data loss or corruption. It provides automated and continuous server backup, making sure that data is protected as it is created.



It is extremely important for businesses to have a reliable recovery system in place in the event of disasters. Cirrus5, our online backup system, has now been running for ten years and has a 100% success rate for recovering business data and systems. 



With the ever-increasing cybersecurity threat faced by companies of all sizes, businesses have to ensure that their network is as robust as possible. We offer a wide variety of services and training to improve overall security and protection against this threat. 


“We have used Armco since they almost started in business many years ago. In that time we have suffered both floods and a fire. The fire caused the most damage as the smoke got into everything, leaving our IT equipment unusable. They were very good at getting Rohan Woodworking's computers up and running again, which included recovering all the information from the server.”

Matthew Rohan, MD, Rohan Woodworking – commercial and domestic woodworking